INZA Group at Intersolar Munich

INZA Group visited the Intersolar fair in Munich last week, in order to better familiarize itself with the possibilities related to the development of the solar industry.

“The aim of the visit is to get acquainted with solar energy technologies that are insufficiently or not at all represented in our country”, said Edin Garaplija, General Consultant for INZA Group, “Also, we investigated the possibilities of cooperation with leading companies in this field in order to open the door for development of solar technologies in our country as well”.

“Intersolar Europe”, which takes place every year in Munich, is the largest fair for solar technology in Europe. Intersolar is the world’s leading trade fair for the solar industry, which takes place on four continents. The goal of the fair is to increase the share of solar energy in the energy supply. The fair in Munich provides top services, and therefore exhibitions and international conferences together contribute to companies and technology around the world. Intersolar has almost 30 years of experience in opening markets, providing expert knowledge and skills, as well as creating connections in the solar business.

“The fact is that people in our areas are not sufficiently familiar with photovoltaic systems. At the fair, we had the opportunity to talk with world-renowned experts in this industry. We concluded that the possibilities for the development of the mentioned technologies in our country are enormous”, said Asad Karisik, Business development manager for INZA Group.

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