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Using decades of experience gained in many successfully implemented projects in the fields of laboratory testing and certification in the fields of technical-technological testing and analysis, safety consulting and specialist training, INZA Group experts have developed an accredited laboratory and inspection body in accordance with EN ISO / IEC standards 17025 and 17021.
INZA Group’s research capacities help innovators to develop ideas from different scientific fields, connecting them into a single scientific and digital hub through which they share acquired knowledge and experience with similar scientific and innovation hubs around the world.
We are especially proud of our INZA Academy, where we develop smart staff for specialized attractive jobs in accordance with the Smart Specialization Strategy (RI S3) and digital transformation, based on a sustainable circular economy and resilience to climate change.


INZA lab Scope Acreditation

In 2010, in accordance with the latest CPR regulation EU 305/2011, for construction products, MLA and EA accreditation, and according to the EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard, INZA successfully completed the accreditation process, and in 2013 re-accredited test methods in the field of thermodynamic resistance tests and reactions to fire of construction products and elements of building structures, doors, windows, partition load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls, loaded and unloaded ceilings, ceilings, panels, PP valves and flues.

All INZA laboratory methods are accredited according to EN and JUS standards, which makes it unique in the region. We are a partner to all foreign manufacturers of construction products and their representatives and distributors on the BiH market who place their products within the quality system, and to whom we issue conformity assessments.

The test laboratory performs tests, according to European methods (standards), on the burglary (resistance to burglary) of windows, doors and other elements for closing openings.

“INZA lab” – test laboratory (Sarajevo) – certificate and supplement on accreditation at the link below under number 16:


Accredited methods:

                • JUS U.J1.160 / 1986 — Technical requirements for fire protection in construction — Testing the resistance of doors and other elements for closing openings in walls;
                • JUS U.J1.090 / 1986 — Technical requirements for fire protection in construction — Fire resistance testing of walls;
                • JUS U.J1.110 / 1986 — Technical requirements for fire protection in construction — Testing of fire resistance of mezzanine structures;
                • BAS EN 1364-1: 2016 — Fire resistance tests for non-load-bearing elements — Part 1: Walls;
                • BAS ISO 3009:2007 – Fire resistance tests — Elements of building construction — Glazed elements;
                • BAS EN 13501-2: 2017 — Classification of construction products and building elements according to their fire behaviour — Part 2: Classification according to the results of fire resistance tests excluding ventilation systems.

Accredited methods in the field of fire reaction are:

                • BAS EN ISO 11925-2: 2011 — Fire reaction tests
                • Flammability of products exposed to direct flame
                • Part 2: Single source flame test;
                • BAS EN 13501-1+A1:2010 – Classification of construction products and building elements according to their fire performance — Part 1: Classification according to the results of fire reaction tests

“INZA KT” – Accredited Control Body for controlling fire protection systems and devices in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 17020 standard

“INZA KT” is an accredited Control Body in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 17020 standard, which has been in the national accreditation system of the Republic of Serbia since 2020 and which performs its work in accordance with the scope of accreditation, namely:

– Controlling installations and devices for automatic fire detection and alarm,

– Controlling the installation of the hydrant network for fire extinguishing,

– Controlling mobile fire extinguishing devices.

The Control Body INZA Belgrade is a leader in the provision of control services in Belgrade and its surroundings, a recognizable and desirable partner to a wide range of users of control services throughout Serbia with:

– meeting the highest demands of users, by providing the highest quality control services,

– offering the highest quality control services, where the wishes of our users will be our guide,

– meeting the specific requirements of each user, responding to the request quickly and with quality,

– permanent care of resources, safety and health of users and environmental protection, with the desire that the name of our Control Body is synonymous with proven and successful business.

About the accreditation of the Control Body at the link below:


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