Do you want to deal with SCIENCE and INNOVATIVE DIGITAL TOOLS?


To all interested parties who want to become part of our successful business group:

Dear colleagues,

At the end of 2022, INZA Group is proud to announce that it has reached all its goals outlined in the Development Strategies 2007-2022 and that it is setting the following strategic goals until 2025:

1. to be the first SE Europe private company to establish Smart HUB a quadruple helix of excellence;

2. to be the first SE Europe private company that will implement a smart specialization strategy S3;

3. to be the first SE Europe to developing innovation for GPDRR & Sendai framework goals realization;

Become part of the INZA team in one of our engineering centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and the United Arab Emirates, organized in:

– Sector for science, innovation and digital transformation – Smart HUB;

– Sector for business development and smart specialization strategy – S3;

– Sector for business continuity and risk management – DRR;

Why INZA Group?

1. We are opening a Smart HUB & attractive jobs for innovative staff – S3!

2. We are regional leaders in scientific research and disaster risk management!

3. We work on domestic and international projects for the protection of critical infrastructure!

4. We implement the UN Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction – UN GP DRR!

5. We are accredited for testing, inspection and education of protection and rescue!

PhD.Sc. Edin Garaplija

President of the Scientific Council

INZA Group


The scientific and research conference “Protection of critical infrastructure” was successfully organized and held in the period 13 and 14 December 2022. year, in Sarajevo

The first scientific and research conference was held in Sarajevo on December 13 and 14 at the Holiday Hotel under the name “Protection of critical  infrastructure” organized by the Association for Risk Management AZUR and the Agency for Human Protection and property of INZA. In the two days of the program, the Conference gathered the most eminent experts and scientists from this field both from Bosnia and Herzegovina and from the region. With words of welcome, the scientific-research meeting with the symbolic name “5 to 12”, was opened by Mr. Prof. Muhamed Omerbegović, president of the Association for Risk Management, and then addressed the audience Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina, dr. sc. Sifet Podžić.

The Conference program consisted of three panel discussions, the first of which was held on December 13 under entitled “Regional interoperability in the framework of CZ EU Mechanisms and critical protection infrastructure in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region”, whose participants were representatives of the CZ Directorate, Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina/entities, Ministry of Internal affairs of Montenegro and Ministry of Internal affairs of Serbia.

The panel was moderated by dr. sc. Edin Garaplija, representative of the INZA group scientific council. On the same day, after a short break,  he promoted scientific monograph “Digital model of risk management at KI BiH and the region” authored by dr. sc. Edin Garaplija whose publisher is the AZUR Risk Management Agency.

“Science and innovation in the field of digitalisation and cyber security of critical infrastructure in BIH and the region”, was the name of the second panel discussion that was held on December 14, 2022. Panel was moderated by  academician prof. Ph.D. Nedžad Korajlić, and the participants were representatives scientific research institutes and non-governmental sector INZA, UNI-SA, UNI-IS, VVG, and UNI-NT.

After the realization of the second panel and a short coffee break, a third panel discussion followed
entitled: “The role and importance of the local community in the implementation of the UN DRR Platform for Risk Reduction”.
The participants were experts from the Association AZUR BiH, NUUR Serbia, IZUR Montenegro, ISS Zagreb, and
representative of the municipality of Novo Sarajevo. The moderator of the third panel discussion was M.Sc. sc. Haris Delic,
representative of the Scientific Council of the AZUR Association

Foreign Investors Council

Foreign Investors Council welcomes INZA Group as their members. Our group is a regional leader in scientific research focused on the development and advancement of digital risk management solutions in critical infrastructure projects and sustainable development of climate-resistant smart communities gene, respecting universal values: people, environment and social responsibility. We also improve partner projects, with expert support and technical-technological competence through its engineering centers, accredited laboratory and inspection body in three Southeast European countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro and. Our group builds a leading position in the development of digital models of project integrated risk management in accordance with the RIS4 smart specialization strategy in Southeast Europe:

Research and development of innovations

– Attractive new jobs

– Improvement of professional skills