For efficient management of any socio-economic situation or physical-geographical process, it is crucial to have timely knowledge of information on the basis of which it can adequately and in real time frame to react in accordance with the needs. This rule has never been more important than during the coronavirus pandemic, when the speed of spreading the disease, the degree of endangerment of the entire population of a certain country, in the entire population of the planet on Earth, depends on the timely collection and exchange of information. Given the contagious disease that humanity is facing, which is easily transmitted from human to human and which is deadly in serious percentages, crisis management, from gathering and exchanging information to carrying out operational tasks in the field, must be systemic and controlled through fast information exchange system, with the possibility of filtering data by certain categories of users. 

INZA Group engineers have developed risk management software to fight coronavirus. The software is based on the digitization of the process of information exchange, analysis and evaluation, which enables fast and efficient action in emergency situations. The digitization of the coronavirus pandemic information management system is based on software that enables interactive information exchange using applications, which store data on a server, where it is analyzed and processed, and displayed in real time statistically and on interactive maps using application solutions.