Address: Vitomira Lukića

Municipality: Ilidža

City: Sarajevo


  • Close proximity to the city road Bulevar Meše Selimovića;
  • Proximity to the Airport (2500 m);
  • Excellent connection with the city bypass and corridor Vc;
  • Quick exit and arrival in the city;
  • Close to Ilidža as a tourist and spa center;
  • Close to the Olympic mountains Igman and Bjelašnica;

The building consists of 2 parts. The lower part of the building is P+8, and the higher part of the building is P+12. The building is designed with three seperate residental entrances and associated vertical communications. Two residential entrances are in the lower part of building, floors P+8. On each floor the lower part of the building, 8 residential units an area of P=65-85 m2 have been designed. On the eight floor of the lower part, which is indeted in relation to the dimensions of the building, four two-storey apartments have been designed. The total number of apartments in the lower part of the building is 60. In the higher part of the building, which is GF+12, on each floor are designed three apartments of 105-115 m”, of which one apartment is two-storey. The total number of apartments in the upper part of the building is 30. This approach enables the phased contruction of the building. Garages have been designed on floors 1 and 2. Thre are 33 parking spaces on each floor. A total of 66 parking spaces in closed garages. The garage is directly connected via stairs and elevators to the floor where the apartments are. On the ground floor and high ground floor, there are sic business premises that can be two-storey or double light in height, depending on the purpose.


Floors of the building

The building has floors P+8 (lower part) and P+12 (higher part)

Dimensions of the building

16.30 m1/18.20 m1 x 66.40 m1 (garage ramp goes beyond the dimensions of the building)


  • Net area of the building P=11,807 m2;
  • Business space area P=1.145 m2;
  • Garage area (66 parking spaces) P=1.990 m2;
  • Area of common rooms P=618 m2.

Number of housing units

  • 56 apartments of area P=618 m2;
  • 30 apartments of area P=105-115 m2;
  • 4 apartments of area P=115-160 m2.

Total: 90 housing units
Total: 90 parking spaces