The INZA Group has three drones for making high-resolution images that can be converted into precise orthophoto mosaics and 3D models. Some of the capabilities of these aircraft are:
– georeferenced Ortophoto image (high resolution and centimeter accuracy)
– DSM (Digital Surface Model)
– point cloud
– 3D view of the terrain
– analysis of NIR (Near InfraRed) images for early detection of groundwater

The SenseFly eBee is a state-ofthe- art fixed-wing drone designed for precise aerial photogrammetry and mapping.

SenseFly Albris is a quadcopter intended for inspection shooting of photos and videos with HD and thermal camera as well as 3D modeling of objects.

PARROT ANAFI THERMAL is an ultra-compact tool for professionals, which enables better decision-making in everyday tasks, thanks to aerial shooting and easy access to otherwise hard-to-reach locations. HD (1080p), which allows you to capture subjects from a safe distance, while maintaining high quality videos or photos.