Promotion of scientific monograph by Edin Garaplija, M.Sc.

On August 14, 2018, was held the promotion of the scientific monograph “The Process of Identification, Analysis, and Evaluation of the Critical Infrastructure Risk in Emergency Situations”, by the author Edin Garaplija, M.Sc., who is a general director of INZA Group, and a regional leader in the field of risk management. On behalf of the reviewers spoke Hatidža Beriša, Ph.D., who emphasized the importance of this work as a future guide for all those involved in risk assessment in accordance with the EU guidelines. Book promoters, professor Nedžad Korajlić and professor Sanin Đidić emphasized the synergy by which the author deals with the integration of the entire risk management process, which can serve as a model of assessment not only in critical infrastructure and emergency situations but also in the life cycle in general. The author himself highlighted two dimensions of work. The first one deals with the harmonization of regional terminology and categorization of risks in accordance with the UN and EU guidelines and the other, which gives a model of a methodological approach to risk management through the synergy of the process of identification, analysis, and evaluation. At the end of the promotion, the author presented each of them with a signed copy of this valuable book.