Regional Presence

Our company successfully operates in three countries of the region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. Group companies have headquarters in Sarajevo, Belgrade and Podgorica.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region and abroad, INZA has realized a large number of projects for the preparation of the Assessment of endangerment of natural and other accidents and the Plans of protection and rescue from natural and other accidents, as well as the Assessment of endangerment and Plans for fire protection, mapping projects and risk assessment.

We are a regional leader in the area of scientific and research work aimed at developing and improving the protection and rescue system within the framework of recognized international and EN standards.

We have established business cooperation on the model of public-private partnership with the sectors for emergency situations and protection and rescue:

– Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
– Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia,
– Ministry of the Internal Affairs of Montenegro.

The established network of service teams in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro guarantees the fastest professional response and eliminating any problem from the field of protection in the customer’s sales network within a few hours.

All our staff are trained and certified in accordance with European standards in the field of protection and regional regulations for physical and technical protection.