Integrated System Of Protection And Rescue

The INZA company is based on the concept of prevention – preparedness – response.

We are a regional leader in the area of scientific and research work aimed at developing and improving the protection and rescue system within the framework of recognized international and EN standards, where we have established business cooperation on the model of public-private partnership with the sectors for emergency situations and protection and rescue of the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia, the Ministry of the Internal Affairs of Montenegro.

In the recent catastrophic floods that hit the region as our socially beneficial contribution to the response and remediation of flood damage, we engaged all our human and material capacities, including our unmanned aircraft for the orthophoto recording from air and analysis of flood zones and landslides in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, Doboj, Topčić polje, Svrake, and in the Republic of Serbia in Grabovica and Kladovo.

As co-applicants and technical consultants of regional national authorities, we are in the process of implementing projects:
“IPA I – Fearless Adriatic cross-border protection of forests in the Adriatic region”, “IPA II – Establishing and strengthening the Civil Protection Mechanism in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, “IPA II – Cross-border fire protection with Montenegro”, and we are also applicants in the project: “IPA II – Establishment and strengthening of the Civil Protection Mechanism in the Republic of Serbia.” We are members of several expert technical committees in the region and the EU, as well as authorized court attorneys for assessing the damage.

We are carriers of several hundred professional studies in the area of protection and energy efficiency and risk assessment for national authorities and international financial and donor organizations: UN, EBRD, EIB, NATO, UNDP, US AID …


Our potential is to provide a wide range of services and goods in the field of fire protection, safety / protection at work, environmental protection, and physical and technical protection of people and property.

In over 50 different professional services, we take care of in addition to technical control and supervision of the production and installation of building products in terms of fire and explosion in our accredited laboratories, and for the design, procurement, installation and control system: video surveillance, fire and gas alarm, anti-burglary, access control and integration.

With our experienced team of engineers and equipment suppliers: SIEMENS, BOSCH, DSC, HONEYWELL, PARADOX, ACER, GUNEBO, etc., we offer optimal solutions in accordance with the planned budget and customer requirements. All equipment is certified according to EN standards and meets all international safety requirements, and the quality assurance of the installation and commissioning of the system is our certified technical staff. We have an integrated quality system ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001, ISO 22301, 22320, 27001.

Our references in the design and installation of the equipment are:

  • from the energy sector: TENT thermal power plants, Kostolac, Obrenovac, Tuzla, Kakanj, Gacko, Ugljevik, Neretva hydroelectric power plants, Energopetrol, INA, EKO, JP Elektroprivreda BiH,
  • from the infrastructure: Corridors of Serbia, JP Highway Bosnia and Herzegovina, Railways of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina Road Directorate, Serbian roads …
  • public institutions: shopping centers Delta, Ušće, Alta, SCC, Importane, BBI, Metalurg, dozens of schools and nurseries …
  • Retail chains: Metro, Konzum, IDEA, Merkator, DM, Robot …
Our certified staff in accordance with the legal obligations defined by the Law on Fire Protection and Explosion, the Law on Safety and Health at Work and the Law on Environmental Protection, and a series of by-laws and regulations, keeps professional records through the most up-to-date database of all contracted clients.

Our software support also provides complete records of the type of service provided, the quality and condition of the equipment and systems serviced, up-to-date by the statutory deadlines for reviews and services to be performed so that the client is not exposed to unnecessary costs of inspection penalties.

Our established network of service teams in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro guarantees the fastest professional response and eliminating any problem of protection in the customer’s sales network within a few hours. All our staff is trained and certified in accordance with European standards in the field of protection and regional regulations for physical and technical protection.

With our own strengths and in cooperation with Securitas we take care of hundreds of users of our services in the region.

Long-term users of our service are:

  • Raiffeisen Bank,
  • Intesa San Paolo Bank,
  • Unicredit Bank,
  • Credit Agricol Bank,
  • Metro Cash and Carry,
  • Konzum,
  • Mercator and
  • Others …