Inza Today
“INZA protecting people” is a regional business group consisting of sister companies from Southeast Europe and the Emirates. The basic business is divided into three basic groups of activities according to the concept: prevention – preparedness – response.

Today, the INZA Group consists of companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Serbia, and Montenegro, with their engineering Centers in Croatia, Northern Macedonia, Albania, and the United Arab Emirates. The activities of the INZA Group cover the design, implementation and maintenance of integrated protection and rescue systems against natural and other disasters, with special expertise in the field of fire protection, occupational health and safety and environmental protection.

  • Research and Development Center Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • INZA Institute for Risk Management Serbia
  • INZA Institute for Risk Management Montenegro
  • Engineering and Development Center Zagreb
  • Engineering and Development Center Skopje
  • Engineering and Development Center Tirana
  • Engineering and Development Center Dubai
  • INZA Lab, Company for laboratory testing, Technical analysis, design and inspection
  • Accredited thermodynamic laboratory according to EN ISO/IEC 17025
  • Accredited inspection body according to EN ISO 17020

Partnership agreement with MPA Dresden Laboratory, Germany

Agency for the protection of people and property “INZA” d.o.o Sarajevo

Partnership contracts with:

  • AJ90 United Arab Emirates
Social Responsibility

INZA GROUP is a company that returns a significant portion of the realized profit in its business back to the local community through the financing of a number of humanitarian and social events and organizations. Just to name a few:

2020 year:
March 2020 marked the beginning of a series of actions that mark the social responsibility of the INZA Group. Namely, in March, INZA Group joined the action “Let all children be online” and donated 3 laptops that provided access to education and schoolwork for children who did not have the means to learn online. Also, in March 2020, INZA Group designed the platform “Coronavirus Prevention” only 7 days after the declaration of a natural disaster and was offered free of charge in more than ten public institutions in the field of medicine and civil protection. The humanity of INZA Group has already become a tradition of its socially responsible work, and in November a humanitarian action was organized in front of the INZA BiH Agency led by manager Amina Prutina and a donation was handed to the Kokić family from Doboj, which has eleven members. The help consisted of winter clothes, food, household necessities, money and a PC with school programs and games adapted to their age.

2019 year:
During June 2019, one of the socially responsible actions in which INZA Group employees participated was the participation of our security guards in the “Sarajevo Perfect Glory Cup All Characters Stars” in order for 627 competitors, 60 clubs from 3 countries to hold and conduct competitions. without incident. In July 2019, INZA Group marked the social responsibility through a promotion to the Ćuković family from Goražde in the form of funds, paid debts for 3 months of unpaid rent and food stocks for 15 days. At the end of August 2019, representatives of INZA Group visited the Service Center “Tračak nade” from Foca, which is an association for children and youth with special needs where three trial hours for autistic children were donated, where experts and parents will be able to follow children through an app that connects a parent’s cell phone and a children’s watch. September 2019 social responsibility of INZA Group was marked by a visit and donation to the Center for Assistance to Children and Children with Developmental Disabilities from Pljevlja in Montenegro. Also, in September 2019, a donation was handed over for the purchase of medical beds and equipment for the needs of the Center for Assistance and Care of the Elderly “Medikalija” from Belgrade.

2018 year:
Continuing with the practice of social responsibility, in November 2018 INZA Group is through sponsorship gave a modest contribution to the municipal quiz competition in the knowledge of the Red Cross of East Ilidza. Also in 2018, INZA Group employees had a series of educations and trainings in the field of protection and rescue that will provide security and assistance to our citizens in the future.

2017 year:
As a socially responsible company, INZA Group also helped the local community. In December 2017, a donation was handed to the women’s football club of the Sarajevo Secondary Textile School, which were the champions of the canton in indoor soccer. November 2017 was marked by a donation from INZA Group to the Director of Sarajevo Emergency in the form of a doll for performing first aid exercises to enable training in Sarajevo Canton and beyond. August 2017 marked the end of the IPA cross-border cooperation program of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. More precisely, INZA Sarajevo with the Ministry of Interior on behalf of BiH, and on behalf of Montenegro the Ministry of Interior – Directorate for Emergency Situations and FORS (Foundation for Development of the North of Montenegro) in the form of training and equipment for protection and rescue. INZA, together with the Ministry of Security of BiH, donated 15,000 euros for the realization of the project.

2016 year:
in 2016, by the model of public-private partnership, we helped the development of a number of local communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, for which we were rewarded with plaques and thanksgivings of institutional authorities in the field of protection and rescue. We continued this trend in 2017.

2015 year:
In 2015, we have co-financed the Cross-Border Fire Protection Project between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

2014 year:
During the catastrophic floods in 2014, INZA GROUP took into account various humanitarian actions by affected local communities and institutions in a recovery program with over 100,000 euros of donations.

Inza Competences

Personnel Competence:
Scientific Council: 7 PhDs from different fields
Management: 5 PhD and MSc
Engineering staff: 35 professional engineers of various disciplines, 20 certified technicians-servicemen, dozens of security guards

Technical Competence:
laboratory equipment and equipment for air, ground and land valuation, million euro, monitoring center, modern driving stock, specialist software for project management, 3D simulation and risk management, GIS database and mobile data collection.

Technological Competence:
Profesionalni INTRANET, CRM- upravljanje odnosima sa klijentima, licencirani procesi rada i usluga, certificirano ososblje, Integrisani sistem kvalitete poslovanja QMS