Fire resistance test
Fire resistance test - external (reduced) fire development curve
Breaking resistance test
Socially responsible action - December 2020
Established Cooperation With AJ-90 Ltd General Partner Of Naffco Organization
Signed Memorandum Of Cooperation With Falck Organization
Our GIS Application in the media
Free INZA GROUP Application
Certification from the Serbian Accreditation Body
Implementing Recommendations And Prevention Measures For Our Employees
Thermal laboratory testing and inspection
Scientific research work and CET
Services for the protection and rescue of people and property
Protection and Rescue
Promo video INZA Group
Innovative technologies to combat Covid-19.
Covid 19
A risk management platform
ALUFINAL fire resistance test
Topanel production panels S.A.
New coronavirus tracking link
INZA - Risk Management Information System
Monitor the state of coronavirus spread with the INZA Group application
Application for monitoring cases of virus infected Corons in Europe and BiH
New planning documents in the field of fire, enviroment and other disasters
Meeting of Inza Group team leaders
Fire Resistance Test, TRIMO d.o.o, Slovenia
Fire Resistance Testing, KOMOTIN d.o.o, Jajce, BiH.
Visit of the college of MA 39-Body for Fire testing, supervision and certification
Engagement on Sport Tourist Fest
Visit of a delegation from Dresden
Visit to Belgrade
Testing for Kontinental Ltd.
Promotion of scientific monograph by Edin Garaplija, M.Sc.
Taking videos and mapping hardly reachable grounds with our senseFly dron
Cooperation with Elektroprivreda Montenegro
Testing fire resistance - thermal insulating wall panel, Brucha manufacturer
Testing fire resistance - thermal insulating wall panel, Trimo manufacturer
Join Iftar
Cooperation with the Faculty of Criminalism, Criminology and Security Studies
Rescue training on wild waters "Rescue 3 Europe"
Conference on the protection and rescue project
New Year's gathering
Presents for children with cancer
INZA - partner of the SNL's Man of the Year
Signed agreement with Center for Strategic Research of National Security Belgrade
Donation to the Institute for Immediate Medical Assistance
Procurement of new equipment