Implementing Recommendations And Prevention Measures For Our Employees

Risk Management Association projects

At the time of the SARS-CoV-19 virus pandemic,  in order to prevent the spread of infection and prevention, but also implement important recommendations, Association for Risk Management in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO)  and EU standards organized training for the employees of ‘’INZA GROUP’’

Reputable lecturers talked about this pandemic from different aspects. Microbiologist doc.dr. Adna Bašić is also the Chair of the AZUR Scientific Committee, and she said:

“It is necessary to filter the information that is available to the public, to prevent panic. Dealing with the epidemic also means timely responses to the damage and consequences that will manifest itself in tourism, the economy and healt – care institutions, medictal staff is running out of power. The State of Bosnia and Herzegovina has taken the measures ordered by the WHO  and we have selected – one of the two offered models in order to prevent a pandemic.” Also, dr. Bašić said:

”The disinfectants on the market must be controlled. There are strict regulations how can they be used.  Any kind of disinfectants can’t be randomly produced, from random materials, under suspicious conditions. Health of citizents must be a priority.”

The number of infected people globally is increasing, the question is, are we late to save lifes? mrs. Zarema Obradović spoke about statistics and preventive measures.

“The appearance of delusions is an obvious example of modern age. No one knows, and no one can claim that corona virus will continue to exist after the pandemic. We do not know will COVID -19. going to mutate in a few years. There is no any evidence how the virus has spread in Europe. But there is something what we must and what we should do – be ready for any  potential pandemic scenario, ”said epidemiologist prof.dr. Zarema Obradovic also appealed to the most risk group -citizens of third age, to live under strictly prescribed measures.

Mr. Haris Delić president of the Risk Management Association talked about practical application of the measures of protection and crisis management.

“The recommendations are given to all of us, there are no rules, although there are two risk categories in our society. We all need to take responsibility in this kind a new situation. It is important to act preventively, to save every life, the health of every citizent, but also to protect medical stuff. ”

The Risk Management Association during past year 2019.  with partner organizations started implementation of an integrated protection model.  This is also part of the project implementation project named  “EU 4 better civil protection”, which has been designed in accordance with UN / WHO standards. Mr. Edin Garaplija, a member of the Scientific Committee of the Risk Management Association, spoke about the implementation.

“We have applied the European Standards guidelines in projects we have already done. In a way, we can say that we were prepared for a pandemic. We are ready to put  years of our  experience into practice. Prevention and protection measures are applied in the work environment and in the field. We have tried to implement management guidelines. It has to be known, what is the role of the emergency, what is the role of crisis personnel, providing logistics, but also discussing the importance of protecting workers, “Garaplija concluded.