Scientific research work and CET

Scientific research work and Center for Education and Training 

INZA established Research Development Center with ten PhD’s from different multidisciplinary and broad areas of protection and rescue, accredited from Ministry of Education Serbia. In its scientific research work we use Autodesk platform for creation of BIM (Building Information Modeling) 7D models for risk management of construction and maintenance on critical infrastructure projects. Also, we use IT solutions for simulation and development of fire scenarios on close and open areas (FDS – Fire Dynamic Simulator), as well as people evacuation from specific areas (EVAC). These our IT platforms are following directive INSPITE 2007/2/EZ on establishment of infrastructure for spatial information and GDPR directive for protection of use and distribution of personal data.

Center for Education and Training INZA is accredited from Ministry of education Bosnia and Herzegovina for development of human resources and specialization in the broad area of protection and rescue. It owns modern equipped and enables DLS (Distance Learning System).