Laboratory and certification

In 2010 2010 INZA successfully completed the process of acceditation in accordance with the latest CPR Regulation EU 305/2011 for construction products, MLA i EA accreditation, and EN 17025 STANDARD, and in 2013 re- accreditation of examination methods in the area of termodynamic examinations of resistance and reactions on fire of construction
products and elements of civil engineering structures, doors, windows, bearing and nonbearing walls, loaded and unloaded ceiling, ceilings, panels, PP flap, and chimneys.

All methods used by INZA laboratory are accredited under EN and JUS standards, which makes us unique in the region. We are partners of all foreign producers of construction products, their representatives, and distributors on the market of BIH which distribute their products within the quality system and to whom we issue rating in respect to compliance of products. Ministries with jurisdiction authorized INZA for the following; examinations and technical services of power plants, equipment, installations, fire alarm systems and gas leak alarms, hydrants, fire extinguishers and other.


-JUS U.J1.160/1986 – Technical conditions for fire protection in construction – Testing of wall resistance on fire,
-JUS U.J1.110/1986 – Technical conditions for fire protection in construction – Testing of resistance of floor structures on fire,
-BAS EN 1364 – 1:2016 – Fire resistance examinations of non-carried elements – Part 1: Walls
-BAS ISO 309:2007 – Fire resistance examinations – Elements of constructions: Glazed objects,
-BAS EN 13501 – 2:2017 – Classification of constructions and construction elements according to its behavior in fire: Part 2: Classification according to results of fire resistance excluding ventilation systems.
From the area of reaction to fire, accredited methods are:
-BAS EN ISO 11925-2:2011 – Examinations of reactions on fire – Flammability of the products exposed to direct flame influence – Part 2: Examination of flame from one source
-BAS EN 13501-1+Ac:2020 – Classification of construction products and construction elements according to its behavior
in the fire – Part 1: Classification according to the results of examinations on fire reaction.