Geographic information system is platform for collection, archiving, management, presentation and analysis of data which integrate all sorts of data and through cluster of information through which we receive the best solutions. It holds the possibility of spatial location analysis and data organization as well visualization through interactive maps and 3D view.

With this form of presentation we receive data about:

-location of data/characteristic/properties and relation towards other things – location mapping
-where is the highest or the smallest amount of something – amount mapping
-density of characteristics in specific place density mapping
-what is happening inside the area of interest (AOI) – finding what is inside specific region
-what is happening in charateristic’s nearby – finding what is close
-how specific time area changed (and on which way) – change mapping projecting

INZA as regional leader in the areas of protection and
rescue, protection of critical infrastructure and
protection of natural and other disasters is using GIS as a platform fot development of software for different work activities. With out software solutions economic process becomes more efficient, qualitative and transparent. In business, we use GIS for:

-projecting and planning
-risk management
-protection from natural and other disasters
-fire protection
-protection of critical infrastructure
-protection on work
-monitoring of working activities on the field in real time
-quality control
-expenses control
-human resources management