For Elektroprivreda Montenegro, the engineers of INZA Group are developing a Study on the assessment of vulnerability from natural, technical, technological and other disasters and Protection and Rescue Plans for the OC Directorate, FC Supply, HPP Perućica, HPP Piva and TPP Pljevlja.

After the contract signing, in the first phase of the project realization, field work and tour of facilities owned by EPCG AD Nikšić were carried out. On this occasion, a large amount of data necessary for the realization of the project was collected, the necessary documentation was exempted, and the remote detection of large EPCG infrastructure objects such as HPP Piva, HPP Perućica, and TE Pljevlja was recorded by an unmanned eBee SenseFly aircraft, suitable for recording difficult accessible and inaccessible terrain, as well as risk identification. The novelty is that the new technology was also used on this project. It is a highly-sophisticated equipment for inspecting hight objects. On this occasion, the recording of high chimneys in TPP Pljevlja was performed.

The second phase of the project was marked by the creation of documentation, where the collected material and identified risks were previously analyzed. Currently, the project is in the final stage of development.