In the premises of the INZA Institute, a New Year's gathering was held where the results achieved in the past year were summarized, and business agreements were reached in the next year, 2018.

INZA director Edin Garapija said he was very satisfied with the successes achieved by the group, but also each sector separately.

- It was not always easy, but I am proud of the results that show a very successful year behind us. Big projects have been successfully completed, and in the future, we have to work to make it even better and more successful, and that our clients, as well as so far, are satisfied with our work - said Garaplija.

As this socially responsible company offers the opportunity to professional and perspective employees, this year, due to the increased volume of work in INZA, several young people have been admitted to work which will, with more experienced colleagues, move into new work victories.

Long-time employees on this occasion were surprised with occasional gifts. Also, the youngest were not forgotten, so New Year's presents were handed over to their parents.

As in previous years, employees who in 2017 have shown remarkable business results have been financially rewarded.

The selection for the best working colleague was also held, and the workers decided that this year, the title belongs to Salmin Lekić, who also received a valuable prize.