Risk management

"Risk management" is the title of the lecture held by representatives of the Institute for risk management of INZA in the Municipality of Čukarica. The lecture was opened by the Council member Željko Rabljenović on behalf of the Municipality of Čukarica, and Edin Garaplija from the Institute for Risk Management spoke about the risks and preventive measures. The gathering was also attended by Vladimir Lacmanović and Zdravko Ćeranić, experts from the Institute.
The target of the lecture is to raise awareness of the local community in the area of risk prevention in accordance with international standards.
The lecture highlighted specific preventive measures and the manner of their implementation in order to adequately protect people and the environment, fire protection, environmental protection and landslide protection.
The Risk Management Institute, in the framework of preventive measures, carries out risk assessment, collection of documentation, analysis with the aim of helping the local community to adequately protect itself - said Garaplija.
He adds that a representative risk in the territory of Čukarica is a landslide on Umika, whose solution requires a comprehensive study and analysis through individual-team work.
Željko Rabljenović, a member of the Council, pointed out that besides the landslide on Umica, the problem is the coast of Sava River, and by Ada Ciganlija, especially embankment by the settlement Partizan, 1.5 km long, which is endangered in case of intense precipitation.
Representatives of the Municipality of Čukarica, members of the Council and expert-operational teams of the Municipal Emergency Staff, Emergency Situations Department, MUP, Red Cross, JP "Ada Ciganlija", Fire Brigade Košutnjak and others were also present at this lecture.