Emergency flood recovery Brčko

The first phase of the project "Emergency flood recovery" was completed in Brčko, which was presented by the director of INZA Edin Garaplija. He said that through this project, the citizens and the system of protection will be more efficient, faster and more organized.

- The first objective is strengthening preventive and assessment, preventive risk identification, so-called representative risks that affect the Brčko District. These are the risks of floods, from fires, from killer mines, industrial, ecological and biological risks. The second objective is to strengthen the capacity of readiness and response - said Garaplija.

He adds that citizens will be able to see exactly in their settlements whether it is a flood zone, whether it is a zone where they have life-threatening assets nearby or other risks, and will be able to get information on how to behave in certain situations and certain dangers from natural disasters, through the very approach of GIS database.

The project is divided into three phases. The first lasted for 30 days, and the total duration was 5 months and 20 days. Now, after identifying the risk by interviewing 25 relevant institutions, organizations and individuals from Brčko, follows the second phase, which will last for 60 days.

It includes activities such as analysis of individual and multi-risks, development of a risk matrix, development of preliminary risk scenarios and their mapping.

After that goes Phase 2. This is a risk analysis phase, where all the collected findings will be further analyzed according to European guidelines and models through risk matrices and a preliminary representative scenario of each risk will be made.

The third phase is also crucial, since it is a training phase for everyone in the system, as well as so-called vulnerable categories of society.
The contracting authority, implemented by the INZA Group, is the Brčko District Government.