Spectacular Scenes Of Topčić Polje From Air

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region and abroad, INZA has realized a large number of projects for the preparation of the Assessment of endangerment of natural and other accidents and the Plans of protection and rescue from natural and other accidents, as well as the Assessment of endangerment and Plans for fire protection, mapping projects and risk assessment.

In the development of our projects, professional studies and assessments we use the latest methods and tools for risk assessment and mapping, and modern equipment and software for recording and processing of risky locations, including our unmanned aircraft EBee, "Emotion2" and "Postflight Terra 3D" software programs, which enable us to create high-quality 3D orthophoto site footage.

The collected data is processed and unuted through interactive maps and databases in the Geographic Information System (GIS) which is surely to represent the future of disaster risk management.

Among our most important projects in this field are:

• Recording and mapping of damages and risks in the cities of Doboj and Maglaj at the time of the catastrophic floods of 2014 (finding made for the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina),

• Recording of the site of Topčić Polje, Željezno Polje and Svrake village, and mapping of damages caused by the landslides on this site (finding made for the needs of the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina)

• Recording and mapping of damages and risks caused by the flooding of the area of Kladovo municipality and the production of an expert elaborate on the quality of embankments on the Danube River,

• Recording the area of the Konjic municipality and creating an orthophoto footage of field for the purposes of the Fire Endangerment Assessment and the Fire Protection Plan (this project is funded by UNDP Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Watch the video: