Inza Today
The “INZA group” consists of three companies based in three countries, in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo), Serbia (Belgrade) and Montenegro (Podgorica). In the future, the Group plans to expand and open companies in North Macedonia (Skopje) and Croatia (Zagreb). The activities of the INZA Group are divided into three segments: Prevention – Competence – Response.


INZA Institute for Fire and Explosion Protection Sarajevo

INZA Institute for Risk Management and Scientific Research Belgrade.

INZA Institute for Risk Management and Scientific Research Podgorica.


INZA Lab, Company for Technical Analysis, Design and Supervision Sarajevo


Agency for the protection of people and property “INZA” d.o.o Sarajevo,

Partnership contracts with

  • Inex Plus Grupacija,
  • Securitas B & H,
  • Securitas Serbia and
  • Securitas Montenegro.
Social Responsibility

INZA GROUP is a company that returns a significant portion of the realized profit in its business back to the local community through the financing of a number of humanitarian and social events and organizations. Just to name a few:

2014 year:
During the catastrophic floods in 2014, INZA GROUP took into account various humanitarian actions by affected local communities and institutions in a recovery program with over 100,000 euros of donations.

2015 year:
In 2015, we have co-financed the Cross-Border Fire Protection Project between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro,

2016 year:
in 2016, by the model of public-private partnership, we helped the development of a number of local communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, for which we were rewarded with plaques and thanksgivings of institutional authorities in the field of protection and rescue. We continued this trend in 2017.

Inza Competences

Personnel Competence:
Scientific Council: 7 PhDs from different fields
Management: 5 PhD and MSc
Engineering staff: 35 professional engineers of various disciplines, 20 certified technicians-servicemen, dozens of security guards

Technical Competence:
laboratory equipment and equipment for air, ground and land valuation, million euro, monitoring center, modern driving stock, specialist software for project management, 3D simulation and risk management, GIS database and mobile data collection.

Technological Competence:
Profesionalni INTRANET, CRM- upravljanje odnosima sa klijentima, licencirani procesi rada i usluga, certificirano ososblje, Integrisani sistem kvalitete poslovanja QMS